141st IPU

General Information

The 141st Assembly and related meetings of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) will be held at Sava Center in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, from 13 to 17 October 2019.




English and French are the official languages of the IPU. The IPU Secretariat provides simultaneous interpretation in its four working languages (Arabic, English, French and Spanish) for the plenary sessions of the Assembly, the Governing Council, and the four Standing Committees.

Five other interpretation channels have been reserved for Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Serbian at sittings of the Assembly and the Governing Council, and for some sittings of the Standing Committees. These booths are provided free of charge and may be used by the interpretation teams for these languages.

There are a very limited number of additional simultaneous interpretation booths available at the Sava Center. They may be requested directly from the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia for the 141st IPU Assembly at the address indicated in section 15(g). The related costs areto be borne by the requesting party. All such requests will be handled on a first-come-first-servedbasis.

For inquiries, please contact: ipu@parlament.rs.


Information on the official hotels for the 141st IPU Assembly can be found in the attached Hotels Brochure. Hotel reservations will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. It is therefore recommended to reserve early and by no later than 1 September 2019.

Please note that for security and transportation reasons, the following four hotels are recommended for the heads of delegations: Crowne Plaza, Hyatt Regency, Falkensteiner and IN Hotel.

Delegates should make their reservations online DIRECTLY WITH THE HOTELS accordingto the information on the accredited hotels available on the official Assembly website at www.serbia141ipu.rs or in the Hotels Brochure included in the invitation package.

At the same time, please forward the Hotel, Arrival and Departure form (attached as Form-1) to the 141st IPU Assembly Secretariat at the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. This form can also be downloaded from the Assembly website at www.serbia141ipu.rs.

The forms should be filled out and returned to the email address or fax below:

Email: ipu.reservation@parlament.rs
Fax number +381113349730

Information concerning hotel policies on reservations, cancellations and no-shows can be foundon the website of the hotel concerned.


In order to obtain a Serbian visa, applicants need to contact the nearest diplomatic/consular mission of the Republic of Serbia abroad.

Visa applicants are required to submit the following documents:

Participants in the 141st IPU Assembly shall be exempt from payment of consular fees and related charges.

Visa applications should be submitted at least 20 days before the intended travel date. Visa applications along with accompanying documents do not have to be submitted in person. They can be sent by regular mail to the nearest diplomatic/consular mission of the Republic of Serbia.

Passport holders from the European Union countries who may enter Serbia with EU ID documents, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, are exempted from visa requirements. The same applies to the nationals of states with which the Republic of Serbia maintains a visa regime but are holders of valid EU, Schengen Area, US and UK visas or have regulated their status in the above countries. They are entitled to enter the Republic of Serbia without a visa and stay there for a maximum of 90 days within a 6-month period. In addition, visas are not required for passport holders of the states whose nationals, by the Decisions of the Republic of Serbia, are entitled to stay in Serbia from 30 to 90 days.

For more detailed information on visa requirements for each individual country please visit the following website: http://www.mfa.gov.rs/en/consular-affairs/entry-serbia/visa-regime.


For information on customs formalities, go to the Republic of Serbia customs website:


In order to facilitate the official welcome service, participants are requested to provide accurate arrival and departure information for their delegation, including arrival and departure dates and times, as well as flight details. The Hotel, Arrival and Departure Form is attached as Form 1.
It can also be downloaded from


The Hotel, Arrival and Departure form (Form -1) must be completed and returned to the 141st IPU Assembly Secretariat at the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia by no later than 1 September 2019.

Any changes thereto should also be communicated promptly to the 141st IPU Assembly Secretariat.

Delegates are required to present their passport to customs and immigration officials. The Airport Reception/Protocol Team will be on hand at Belgrade International Airport for any assistance.

There will be a welcome desk for all Assembly participants at Belgrade International Airport to facilitate transit, arrival, departure and transfers between the airports and the hotels.


Luggage tags are provided in order to facilitate the welcome process on arrival. Delegates arerequested to ensure that each piece of luggage is labelled with a tag.

IPU Members and Observers are requested to register their delegates to the 141st IPU Assembly via the online registration portal to be found on the official IPU website at www.ipu.org.


Transport to/from the official hotels will be provided at Belgrade International Airport. Transfers will also be provided for all official events for the duration of the Assembly.


Information desks will be open from 10 to 18 October 2019 at Belgrade International Airport, as well as in the lobbies of the official hotels.


The host Parliament will take the necessary measures to ensure the security and safety for Speakers of parliaments and other heads of delegation, delegates, invited guests, as well as their belongings, during the 141st IPU Assembly until departure from the Republic of Serbia.

The host Parliament will be responsible for the security and safety at the 141st IPU Assembly venue, official hotels and social events.

Delegates are requested to wear their 141st IPU Assembly ID badge AT ALL TIMES, both at the Assembly venue and at all official events to which they are invited.


First-aid services and medical staff will be available at the Assembly venues at all times, and in the respective hotels upon request. All other medical services will be at the participants’ own expense. Participants are advised to purchase adequate health insurance. Further information on medical services is available on the Assembly website at www.serbia141ipu.rs.


Participants are advised to purchase their own all-risk insurance.


A Press Service will operate throughout the Assembly to answer media enquiries and help facilitate press interviews. The person in charge of this service is Mr. Thomas Fitzsimons, IPU Communications Director, who can be contacted by email at tf@ipu.org. Mr. Fitzsimons will also assist delegations wishing to meet with the press. Journalists wishing to cover the Assembly must receive accreditation from the Press Service in order to receive the necessary documentation and identity badge.


The following services will be available at the Assembly venue:



Please confirm your participation at the events at: ipu@parlament.rs.


The host Parliament is offering various tours: one day tours will be available before and after the 141st IPU Assembly (www.serbia141ipu.rs). Requests for those tours should be sent to ipu@parlament.rs by no later than 15 September 2019.

Day tours will include daily visits to cultural and historical sites in Belgrade. These tours will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.